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How To Activate MTN 1 Year 1.5 TeraByte Data Plan For Eligible Customers – Free


Recently, we posted a free offer exclusively for MTN NG user’s to Clear Off Outstanding Borrowed XtraTime which is still blazing hot incase you missed the update.


Well, Today it’s for our Heavy Data User’s most especially but since its a long term data plan, you shoudnt think about missing out this special offer as data plan duration ranges from 3months plan, 6months plan & 1 year plan strictly exclusive to MTN NG users.

Unfortunately, this ain’t going for free but its a sure good offer for those who knows the worth.
This is a legitimate data plan from MTN NG with undisclosed activation USSD code for public but selected few retailer’s so beware of SCAM.


Data Plan’s And Exclusive Price’s

  • 3.0 TeraByte 1year Plan – N90,000
  • 1.5 TeraByte 1year Plan – N70,000
  • 324 GigaByte 6Month Plan – N40,000
  • 150 GigaByte 3Month Plan – N30,000
  • 50 GigaByte 2Month Plan – N17,000

How To Activate

This is a rare exclusive offer directly from MTN NG from selected few retailers and are not for free but negotiatable. Click the below button to get started now.

How was your experience in getting your data plan activated? Good or bad? your comments would do alot to help others! Please share below and don’t forget to share with your friend’s too.